Auras Motion Lamps

Auras Lamps offer many advantages over traditional motion lamps.

  • No cords, means mobility: Put you Auras Motion Lamp anywhere you want. On the dining table, or mantle piece. If no one can see it isn’t being enjoyed. One regular tea light is all you need for hours of enjoyment. Movement usually starts within ten minutes and continues for three plus hours. Regular lamps are sitting on a shelf or in a corner where they can be near an outlet and have the cord out of the way. Aura Motion Lamps are used for centerpiece or mood lighting to spark conversation.
  • Better visual enjoyment: Auras Motion Lamps use complimentary colored translucent liquids that dance more dynamically then traditional lamps. The random swirls and whirls engage the senses. Combining and breaking apart the motion flows up and down.
  • There are no hidden parts: In fact the bottle is easily removed from the holder. No coils for heating or cooling hidden behind plastic covers.
  • The lamp’s holder: The new clear holder allows the lamp to be seen from all sides and allows bottle to really be the center of attention. The unique and original design also add stability to the very tall bottle. The Aura Lamp stands 14” tall providing a long viewing range of the motion as it travels up and down adding extra intrigue.
  • Maintenance free: Despite all these advantages, the Auras Motion Lamp does not require any maintenance. The occasional wipe with some glass cleaner and a few kind words can’t hurt.
  • Aromatherapy: A drop of Fragrant Oils can be placed on the shoulder of the bottle to diffuse the oil gently into the surroundings.
  • New chemistry: Auras Motion Lamps contain ingredients you would find in food products and are colored with cosmetic grade colors. This very unique blend was developed in Canada by a cosmetic chemist after extensive experimentation. Being the head formulator for Canada’s largest environmentally friendly personal care and green candle company for over 20 years, this challenge allowed a culmination of knowledge to be rolled into one project. Partial funding for this research came from the Canadian Government due to the novel chemistry discovered.
  • The challenge: Create a close equilibrium between two liquids that would mix when heated and would continue interacting while their temperatures more then triple throughout the use of the lamp. Traditional lamps have a single equilibrium temperature that they reach after three hours of warming up with a light bulb. Once that temperature is reached the bulb maintains the temperature. This creates the more static movement of the traditional lamp.
  • Unique: Perfect for meditating but also makes a great conversation piece at dinner or over drinks. So much fun and so easy to use you will find yourself using it everyday.
  • Variety: Available in a variety of colors.